The Author

BETTY J. BENNETT, PhD, is retired after more than thirty years as a middle and high school teacher, administrator, and professor of education. She is a certified karate instructor who has instructed within her elementary school karate curriculum (grades k-5) lessons on antibullying, character education, and gross motor skills. She has made multiple presentations nationally and internationally on classroom management and bullying. Betty is a certified canine massage therapist. Dr. Bennett’s passion from personal experience with bullying is evident in her message. She lives in Saint Johns, Florida.

ED GAMBLE is a nationally syndicated cartoonist for King Features of New York City. He was the editorial cartoonist for The Florida Times-Union (1980-2010) and The Nashville Banner (1972-1980). His work has appeared in hundreds of newspapers and magazines across America and overseas in France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, Japan, and more. His cartoons are displayed in Presidential museums of Ford, Carter, Bush and Reagan. Ed and his wife, Saundra, live in Jacksonville, Florida.

Why Do I Love Millie?