Really nice way to show kids they can deal with being treated badly. Great for 2nd -3rd -4th grade, possibly a little younger or older. Very sweet, good way to open up a conversation. Great book to have on hand if your kids are getting ready for school. Excellent book to add to any classroom library in an elementary school. By Tennessee buyer.



Both kudos and thank yous to Betty Bennett for her book, “Why Do I Love Millie?” Nothing rips out the heart of a parent or grandparent more than to see their child distraught after being bullied. Betty puts a perspective of comfort having a dog as the go to “person” for healing our children who have had less than happy interactions with others. I’m hoping one of the subliminal messages of Betty’s book is to value those pets who need adopting, for they themselves bring a treasure trove of healing for our children and us adults. Order your own copy at

By Al Bagocius, Publisher, Our Seniors Guide

Why Do I Love Millie?